It Will Pass

Just like this love that seemed would be forever, had suddenly ended
This thick darkness that seems would be forever,
Will end someday as well

  • Kim Bum Soo, It Will Pass


Long time no say hello in this small room of mine. I wasn’t busy these days. I have a lot a time to say hello actually if I make a time for it, but I just feel that I couldn’t. Recently I was reading pretty much books, bunch of online stories, listening to a lot of musics in different genre, watching some movies but I don’t know what to tell, I don’t know what I have to write about. I know I knew a lot of things, which good and not but I couldn’t decide what’s to write. If you think that maybe I don’t even try to write something, no. I was trying to write something. But when I started to write about something, suddenly another ideas just come up into my mind, and interrupted all of things in my mind. I was so frustrating to feel like that. Really I don’t know what’s happened to me lately. These days I’m being too sensitive, a lot more and more sensitive than before. Whenever I hear some friends of mine talking about something, there’s always a time when I think that she or he shouldn’t talk about ‘that specific part’. I don’t know, maybe ‘that specific part”  is not bad or feel negative to others but for me it’s sounds so negative. Inside my heart I always correct the words they use or mumbling to myself that they shouldn’t choose that words to express their feeling. I just feel that we have to be careful in what we’re saying, because who knows maybe someone would get hurt of our words without we know it. And you know, every time this happen to me I just don’t feel to join the conversation any further. I just sit there pretend that I hear all about what their talking but the truth that I am busy with my own mind. Honestly it was really annoying. It became worst day by day. I know that I shouldn’t care that much of what other’s say about others or something, but I can’t help my self to handle it. It came naturally to me that I have to listen to their words and analyze it what’s right and what’s wrong.

Anyone help me…
I’m tired of being like this…really.


Wednesday morning guys!!! So what???

Yeah, so what with Wednesday morning, so what with this morning??? /scream/. Okay, you think I might be crazy make a post in this early morning while most of you still curling in bed and smiling in your beautiful dream, but yes, actually I’m crazy right now /crying/

Okay. Banyak alasan yang sangat bisa dijelaskan mengapa gue merasa sudah gila. 1) Karena gue anak kuliahan 2) Karena gue kuliah di kampus teknik 3) Karena gue masuk jurusan yang agak ngggggg 4) Ini baru minggu ketiga perkuliahan. Yap, ini memang baru minggu ketiga perkuliahan di semester ini, tapi ya guys…you know…gue udah mulai merasa kalo ini akhir dari perkuliahan…because…gue udah disuruh lari kenceng-kenceng mulai dari garis start tanpa pemanasan terlebih dulu. Dan baru nggak ada sepertiga lap ini gue udah mulai nggos-nggosan dan capek. Rasanya pengen berhenti buat minum sebanyak-banyaknya sambil berteduh di bawah pohon. Omaigat!!! I must be really crazy right now.

Jadi intinya, semua dosen gue di semester ini parahnya kebangeten. Udah gue amil full sks ditambah tugas yang tidak akan pernah berhenti mengalir seperti aliran sumur air zam-zam yang gak akan pernah habis-habis. Bayangin aja, masak gue kuliah full dari Senin sampe Kamis tapi ngerasa kalo gue kuliah dari Senin sampe Minggu. Iyalah, secara Weekend gue dibuat nugas. Gue yang dulu berangan-angan bakal bisa hangout kemana-mana kalo Sabtu-Minggu, tidur dengan jam tanpa batas, do my weird activities all day gak akan pernah bisa tercapai. Faktanya sekarang gue cuman bisa bangun molor kalo hari Jumat. Selebihnya ngarep banget bisa molor di Sabtu-Minggu.

Okay, gue capek. Mau merem bentar /loh, I wish guys/ Happy Wednesday for all of you, have a great day!